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Physician and Executive Coaching

Now Available for Online Coaching


ABOUT Vasa Coaching

Vasa coaching is a company created by a physician to address the  challenges physicians and executives face. Time pressure, increasing demands, and dwindling resources have led to an alarming rate of burnout amongst physicians. Vasa coaching strives to equip the individual with tools to better navigate these challenges, allowing them to experience more satisfaction, joy, and meaning in their personal and professional lives.

Our founder
I am a board certified endocrinologist with over 20 years of clinical and leadership experience. As a practicing clinician, I know firsthand the stresses and demands placed on physicians, which have only increased with time. I was introduced to coaching when it was offered at our institution, and it inspired me to pursue my own coaching journey. I’m honored to provide physicians and executives an opportunity to reconnect with their purpose and find fulfillment.

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How to work with me

Click below to begin the journey with a One On One coaching session. My sessions are tailor made to your needs and aspirations. We can work together to tap into your innate resilience and wisdom. 


If you are not quite ready for a session but would like to learn more, book a Discovery Session and we will see if coaching is a good fit for you! 

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